pet memorials

Setting up a pet memorial is an important step in the healing process when mourning your beloved animal. When your pet dies, it leaves a void in your life. Especially children may feel particularly saddened by the loss of their loyal friend and companion. To help ease the pain, it is comforting to remember the good times you spent together. Give yourself something to return to and make a pet memorial for your furry friend. Why not, as a family, sit together to reminisce and make notes of some memories you shared, like, for example, the day you brought your pet home with you for the first time. Or the time your pet made a mess in the house, and you spent all day cleaning it up. Write these memories down or write a poem about what your pet meant to you, as a loving tribute in your pet memorial.

Online pet memorials – A place for you to pay tribute to your best friend

You may want to immortalise your pet and all the wonderful, happy years you spent together with a personal online pet memorial. Online pet memorials have become increasingly popular, as it gives you free rein to personalise its set up, to add photopgraphs or video clips of happy memories and manage it as you please. Furthermore, your online pet memorial can serve as a great platform for you to connect and share experiences with other pet owners that have gone through the same heartache.

Have your own private pet memorial at home

There is a whole product range available for different pet memorials, as an actual keepsake rather than a website tribute. So if you want a private, more physical reminder of your pet, you may want to have a specially designed memorial plaque, stone or cross, personalised with your pet’s picture, life dates and your personalised message. Messages on these pet memorials can be simple or elaborate. Sometimes all it takes is one simple, short phrase that will help you cope better with the loss of your dear friend. Be it thanking your pet for making your house a home, for all the joy he/she brought into your life or simply telling them one last time how much you love them. Having a pet memorial shrine of your precious pet in a designated space in your home can help remind you that, while your companion is no longer with you physically, he/she will always be around in spirit.