pet cremation urns

Pet cremation urns are the perfect way to preserve the memory of your much-loved family pet. There are different types of pet cremation urns available, depending on whether you plan to scatter, bury or keep the ashes.

Determining the type of pet cremation urn

The type of urn you chose to pay tribute to your pet, and the size of the vessel itself, depend largely on where you plan to place the urn and what its final objective should be.

There are two types of pet cremation urns: the larger, traditional urn that hold all the ashes of your deceased pet and can be laid to rest in a pet cemetery or kept at home.

Alternatively, there is the keepsake urn which is smaller in size and is suitable for keeping a memento of your furry friend, such as his collar, or a photograph. As the name suggests, these pet cremation urns are traditionally kept at home as a memorial.