grieving the loss of a pet

There is a general acceptance that grieving the loss of a pet shouldn’t be as severe as grieving the loss of a human, because humans, supposedly, are more important. Thus, the difference between pet and human loss is that pet loss is often not taken as seriously. People that don’t understand the bond you shared with your pet will not understand the significance of grieving the loss of a pet or the devastation that you feel. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are being overly sensitive or silly for feeling sad. Instead, remember that your pain is justified and that you are not alone: many pet owners have gone through the same experience of bereavement.

How long does grieving the loss of a pet take?

As with mourning the passing of a human, grieving the loss of a pet can only be dealt with over time and in stages. Furthermore, every person experiences grief differently and on an individual time line. Generally speaking, the “easiest” and quickest way to come to terms with grief is based on how willing you are to embrace it. Allow yourself to feel your pain – don’t repress it! It often helps to seek out others who have lost pets in the past and share experiences. They will be able to understand and appreciate the magnitude of your loss and can help you get through the process of grieving the loss of a pet.