pet memorial jewelry

Losing a pet can be as devastating and painful as losing a person close to you. Special pet memorial jewelry offers an expressive way of marking your unique relationship and keeping the memory of your unique bond alive. To this end, what better way is there of keeping an image of your pet companion, than with a photograph embedded in the delicate and charming form of a locket or pendant close to your heart at all times? While the famous quote “time will heal all wounds” prevails, it is the memory of your beloved companion that will remain with you forever and with pet memorial jewelry, you have something tangible to wear and touch, keeping this special relationship alive and carry it with you at all times.

Pet cremation jewelry – wearing your memory instead of shelving it

Pet cremation jewelry is a unique and comforting alternative to pet cremation urns. It allows you to carry your pet’s ashes close to your heart in the form of beautiful jewelry instead of keeping it in a jar above your mantelpiece at home, where it is at risk of being overlooked and disregarded. Pet cremation jewelry are designed to store a small portion of the cremated remains inside a small compartment and are appropriately sealed. This makes for the perfect keepsake that you can wear everywhere, every day. To make it more meaningful, some lockets have a hinged door, which allows additional space for a small delicate engraving for your personalised pet memorial jewelry.