pet grave markers

Pet grave markers offer a perfect way for remembering and honouring your beloved pet. As your pet was very much a part of your family, it is only natural that you would want to keep his memory alive in a dignified and humane way. To that end, setting up a personal pet grave stone in your garden, to mark your pet’s final resting place, may just give you the peace of mind you need while you come to terms with your pet’s passing.

Pet grave stones as a place of sanctuary

Especially young children find it hard to cope after their beloved friend and companion has passed. Placing a pet grave marker, in the form of a headstone in the garden, among the flower beds or at the base of a favourite shrub, can offer some comfort as they can visit the site any time they wish.

A garden shrine

Pet grave markers can be made from a variety of materials: granite, marble, slate, flagstone or even resin. Your own individual design and wording can be etched or carved into the material. Additionally, you may want to have a photograph plaque of your pet incorporated into the pet grave stone, keeping the image of your once loyal friend alive.