pet memorial stones

Pet memorial stones offer a simple, yet ideal, way for remembering and honouring a beloved pet after it has passed. After all, not everyone can afford an expensive pet funeral. However, anyone can arrange a small, more personal pet memorial service at home with only family members attending. For instance, create a unique shrine above the mantel piece, light a candle in front of a framed photograph, or place a custom-made pet remembrance stone in a special place reserved in the home garden.

Pet remembrance stones – A garden ornament

Pet remembrance stones come in all shapes and sizes. Most commonly, they are flat for laying on the garden ground rather than stand upright like a traditional grave stone. They can be made from a variety of materials ranging from rough slabs of slate, cast concrete or, for a lighter option, durable resin hand-crafted and painted to look like real stone.

Personalised or generic pet memorial stones

While there are ready-made pet memorial stones available, with generic inscriptions such as “Our Beloved Pet”, you may want to chose one with a personal, custom engraved dedication to your loyal family pet. In this case, the lettering is made either by applying hammer and chisels directly to the stone or by making a unique stencil that is then placed on the pet memorial stone.