pet caskets, pet coffins

Pet coffins are a beautiful, dignified way to consign your beloved companion to the grave. After years of unconditional loyalty and love, it is understandable that you should want to treasure the memory of your animal friend when they are no longer with you. So, if you have a more heartfelt approach to the death of a family pet, then the option of laying your beloved companion to rest in a pet casket is most befitting.

Choosing the right pet casket

Pet coffins come in all shapes and sizes and thus can accommodate your requirements. There are pet caskets designed to hold the ashes of your beloved pet or ones for use as a keepsake chest to hold a token, like a collar or your pet’s favourite toy. Much like urns, these caskets are suitable to keep indoors.

The final resting place

Also available are pet caskets that are more befitting for a conventional funeral at a cemetery or at home in your backyard (if you are granted permission). These sealed caskets are usually biodegradable and are suitable both for transportation and the burial of your pet. Furthermore, if you do not wish to have your pet cremated, some pet coffins are ergonomically designed to suit the natural shape of your pet’s lying down position.