Pet Cemetery

The loss of a beloved pet is distressing. After many years of companionship it is hard to let go. Burying your deceased pet in a pet cemetery may help you bring closure at the end of a dedicated and special relationship. After all, a way to help deal with the loss of a loved one, is to be able to mourn at an appropriate final resting ground. A pet cemetery gives you the peace of mind that your pet is well taken care of and is being treated with dignity and respect.

Pet Cemetery – A Pet Heaven

While you might consider the idea of a private burial at home in your back yard, you could be faced with the strict local conservation laws, which often don’t allow the burying of deceased animals. Especially children find it difficult to understand why their much loved companion cannot be buried in the garden where they played together. To ease the disappointment, it may help to explain to them that their friend will find peace at a pet cemetery – a special “animal heaven” where pets go to when they die, where they are taken good care of and that they can visit at any time.

Remembering your best friend

We tend to treat our pets as part of the family, so naturally we care about what happens to them. Pet cemeteries are the perfect venue for that ceremonious final goodbye. Many pet cemeteries offer beautiful gardens, dedicated single or multiple plots that are nestled among trees and shrubs – perfect for cherishing the memories of your best friend. They also meet your individual requirements, be that a specially designed casket or perhaps a burial vault. Perhaps you want a custom-made grave stone with your very own special inscription to immortalize your pet. You may also chose to have your pet cremated, whereby the remaining ashes can be saved and be returned to you in an urn, be buried in the pet cemetery gardens or scattered on memorial grounds. As with cemeteries for humans, most pet cemeteries have a chapel, where, subject to your individual beliefs, religious or non-religious ceremonies can be conducted to commemorate your deceased pet and observe and mark the occasion for an anniversary.