pet cremation

Pet cremation can offer special consolation to you as a pet owner, when your beloved companion has passed. Considering the special bond you shared with your pet, it is only natural that you would want to bury it with the same respect and dignity as you would bury a beloved family member. Unfortunately, local restrictions may prevent you from putting your pet at rest in your back garden, and you may find local pet cemeteries either too expensive or hard to come by. Pet cremations have become a popular option when faced with these obstacles.

Cremating a pet – The different possibilities

Pet cremations are the ideal way for giving you peace of mind. Not only will your deceased pet be handled with care and respect, but you have options as to what to do with the remaining ashes after cremation: You can take its remaining ashes home with you in an urn or casket, to keep it near you as a constant memento of the invaluable time you shared together; you may want to scatter the remaining ashes in a memorable place; or, you may wish to bury the ashes at a pet cemetery. Pet cemeteries offer different approaches to cremating a pet. Typically, two options are the common practice: private pet cremation, where your pet is cremated by itself; or a communal pet cremation, where your pet is cremated together with other animals.

Pet cremation costs

The costs for cremating a pet is usually determined by the pet size. Small pets like hamsters or birds will fall under a lower price range than larger pets, for example, big dogs like St Bernards or Great Danes. The costs for cremating horses or ponies (equine cremation) usually fall under a separate category, and are generally the most expensive due to the complexity of the procedure. Most crematoria offer a standard charge which includes the collection of your deceased pet, the pet cremation, and the final return of the ashes to you.