pet markers

A pet memorial marker is a nice way to honour the memory of your beloved pet. If you chose to have the cremated ashes of your pet buried in your back yard, a pet marker not only provides you with the visible reminder of your pet’s final resting place amongst your shrubs, but it also serves as a wonderful and personal monument that decorates your garden.

Different types of pet markers

Pet memorial markers come in different styles. You may chose to have a pet memorial plaque made – a simple, inscribed plate or disc that can be mounted to a stand, elevated from above the ground. A grave marker – an engraved memorial stone that lays embedded in the ground. Or a wooden memorial cross, with a high quality stain and varnish finishing for exterior use. Most pet markers are made from weather-resistant material to withstand any weather conditions.

Pet memorial markers for a place of sanctuary

Especially young children find it hard to cope with the passing of a family pet. Placing a pet memorial marker in your garden can offer some much-needed comfort for them as they can visit the site any time they wish.