pet euthanasia

Pet euthanasia may be one of the most difficult decisions you as a pet owner will have to face. Privately, you hope for your pet’s peaceful passing while they are sleeping. In most instances, this is the case. However, if the health of your pet is deteriorating and there’s the possibility that your beloved companion may suffer an agonising and slow death, it is your responsibility as a loving caretaker to consider pet euthanasia.

Making the decision for pet euthanasia

By all means, pet euthanasia does not imply a cruel act, but rather a final, loving gesture to your best friend. The soul-searching decision to have your pet “put to sleep” or “put down” is huge and it takes courage to embrace this last act of duty.

Veterinarians introduce pet euthanasia as a painless death, carried out by injecting the animal with a concentrated dosage of anaesthetic. In some cases, like when your pet is already very old or has a terminal illness, it is possible to delay putting your pet to sleep for a day or so, without subjecting him to added suffering. Prolonging his life for an extra day gives you the time in which to say your final goodbye and plan the pet euthanasia in advance.

A last goodbye

Saying your final goodbye is, no doubt, the hardest part. You may postpone the decision of pet euthanasia, reasoning with yourself that if you wait another day, you may be spared the awful burden of making that final decision. However, when the time comes, you may begrudge the position of power you have and feel guilty afterwards for having made the decision that ended the life of your beloved pet. What you should remember here is that pet euthanasia spared your pet pain and suffering and that you did it out of love and appreciation for all the precious years together.